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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> tia: now at noon on cleveland 19 news, she disappeared nearly 40 years ago but fairview park police have not forgotten yvonne regler. she was just 17 when she disappeared while working at a gas station. >> anniversary of her disappearance, police are talking about that case. and fairview park today is the 39th anniversary of the disappearance of 17-year-old yvonne regler. we will go to paul orlousky who has more. paul? >> well we do. police have just wrapped up within the past two minutes or so a briefing saying that they have peppers of interest in this case. what they would need, they would
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she is deceased or if she's not. this is yvonne and the poster that people might have seen in 1977. she had just turned 17 years of age working at a sunoco gas station. we have other photographs which show an age progression for the center for missing and exploited children with the f.b.i. 39 years later it is a much different look. she would be certainly an adult 56 years of age right now. a sad day here in fairview park because this happened on this particular day, residents still remember it. she basically vanished out of thin air. working at one gas station, they moved her to another on lorain road and fairview park to move a mechanic from that one over to north olmstead. people saw her up until 1:30 or so and boom, she disappeared. they checked, there was no money taken out of the cash register. she might have had $50 bucks in her pocket to make change. this was way before credit cards. but nothing was disturbed. no teenaged girl, if she's
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that with her. so, they have done some dna testing on a brother and that got things moving again. they have a couple of persons of interest. anything you might know, they would love to hear from you. call police at 333-1234. >> tia: all right, thank you so much. delta flights all over the country today delayed due to a computer outage. long lines at the delta terminal at hopkins. you see it right there. passengers arriving to find out because of a computer outage in atlanta. >> and this happens when you fly. so, you just kind of have to, you know, just deal with it. but, i mean, the lines were moving pretty quickly. hopefully they are starting to get things running again. >> tia: delta is still advising travelers to check the status of their flights ahead of time. we checked at hopkins. there are still several delayed flights right now but it looks like those flying out of akron canton are good to go.
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worker being held on $50,000 bond. sarah roberts is accused of hurting an 11-month-old girl at step by stepchild care. the baby remains at nationwide children's hospital in fair condition. hospital officials say the infant suffered a fractured skull and a fracture to her right arm. and matthew gross is being held on $50,000 bond accused of throwing drug-laced candies into a crowd at a richland county music festival over the weekend. more than 20 people who ate those released from a local hospital. >> tia: a lake county woman sentenced to seven years in prison for trying to kill her own mother. jennifer barns and her sister joanna were convicted of trying to kill their mom last thanksgiving at their willowick home. hire sister will be sentenced next week. >> laura: several people hurt during a shooting spree late last night and into this morning. the shooting started in elyria and ended in cleveland. witnesses say luenzo shot his girlfriend and took off.
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as police searched for him, they learned he was involved in a double shooting in south euclid. bufford led police on a chase ending at east 105 and m.l.k. where he shot and killed himself. police are still looking for the people who beat a man to death outside rumor nightclub on west 6th. zachery larney died friday but the attack happened two weeks ago in the warehouse district. >> tia: and some very tragic news out of stark county. the coroner confirms randy bud died fro shot wound. he and his family were dragged into the spotlight when four pennsylvania teenagers threw a rock over an overpass, hitting their car. his wife sharon was critically injured. her skull shattered. the teens all received minimal sentences. bud was 55 years old. >> laura: still no arrest in the shooting of a 20-year-old playing pokemon go. calvin riley was playing with a
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park. the shooting appears to be random. >> tia: a kansas water park is closed as investigators try to figure out how a 10-year-old boy died on the world's tallest water slide. >> reporter: officials still haven't said how 10-year-old caleb schwabb died only that he was on the 169 foot tall water slide. >> we honestly don't know what's happened. that's why an investigation, a full investigation, is >> reporter: witnesses say they saw the boy's body lying on the ground. >> first responders started covering it up with a white sheet. >> you just don't really want to believe what's going on. >> reporter: caleb was at the park as part of a special free admission day for lawmakers and their families. the slide sends riders on a three-person raft plummeting at 60 to 70 miles per hour. riders must be at least 54 inches tall with each raft
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it faced multiple delays before opening in 2014. adjustments reportedly had to be made to the slide's second hill after sandbag tests showed the rafts literally flying off the slide. >> all our rides are inspectsed every day by an outside party at the start, before the season starts. >> reporter: representative schwabb and his wife michelle issued a statement saying as we try to mend our home with caleb no comforted knowing that he believed in our savior jesus and they are forever together now. we will see him another day. the slide is closed indefinitely. the park's website doesn't give an age restriction, but according to published reports at the time that the slide opened, riders had to be 14 years old. caleb was only 10. >> laura: we are still awaiting word on the refund policy for the pro football hall of fame game.
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because of safety concerns. the field did not react well to the paint when they were prepping it. this is a new field for that stadium, not the one they usually have. they got this one from new orleans. it was in the super dome last year which of course is indoors. this is going to be outdoors of course now. thousands of football fans were obviously very disappointed. thieves have come up with a new high-tech method of hot wiring a new car. a low tech device might be the only way to stop them. >> tia: and we are giving away family four pack of tickets to the cuyahoga county fair. keep watching for your chance to
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>> tia: welcome back. forget hot wiring a car. more and more thieves are using laptops to steal your ride. >> laura: it's called car hacking. >> reporter: point, click, steal. security camera video outside of a hon getting into a jeep wrangler and breaking out his laptop. apparently using the jeep's on-board computer diagnostic port to trick it into accepting a generic key he brought with him. and then just driving off. >> who needs to hot wire when you got a laptop? >> that jeep belonged to david pain's daughter. >> my daughter was sleeping in the room above it. her dog was sleeping with her and the dog slept through it, she slept through it. nobody ever heard a thing. it's like being invaded, you
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driveway. >> typically thieves target older cars because of the value of their parts but not these two working always at night. they struck again using a laptop to take this jeep grand cherokee. police arrested michael and jesse, but believe the pair made off with up to 100 vehicles which were then smuggled into mexico. >> if it's this easy to steal or somebody actually has the knowledge and the ability and knows how to utilize that ability to be able to commit the theft, it's aca >> police say a similar string of jeep thefts are under investigation in california. the national insurance crime bureau which investigates stolen car claims for the insurance industry has noticed an uptick in newer harder-to-steal vehicles being taken. >> which sort of surprised us because they have this new technology. >> it's almost like cyber hot wiring? >> yes. in the old days, thieve cost hot
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along, it was no longer possible to hot wire a car. and that's why we saw auto thefts really drop off. but, as with any kind of crime, the thieves always find a way to outwit technology. >> laura: police say if you can, park your car in the garage. some experts suggest a steering wheel lock like the club as an effective low tech solution. >> tia: well, straight ahead on cleveland 19 dominating in rio. we have a look at the american winners. that's coming up next. sam? >> samantha: yeah, very exciting stuff there. and we take a live look outside from high atop our feazel roof camera. this is gold medal weather, right? beautiful, low humidity. it feels excellent. 80? outside. but it is about to get so much hotter. we will talk about it coming up
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>> laura: the united states dominated the second day of olympic competition. it's been awesome to watch. >> tia: very exciting. the u.s. is ahead of all countries with 12 medals including three gold. >> reporter: no one loves the relays more than michael phelps.
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first into history. >> he's churning the water. >> the most decorated olympian ever, racing toward another medal. >> and the united states will win gold in the 400 again. >> in the four by 100 free style relay, team u.s.a. beat reigning champion france, and arch rival australia, to win gold. first-time gold medalist ryan held broke down while celebrating his first olympic medal as phelps earned his 23rd. 19 of them now gold. >> she's going to break it! there she goes. >> less than an hour earlier, 19-year-old katie ladecky not only beat the competition in the 400 meter free style but she defeated herself. topping her own world record time by nearly two seconds. in gymnastics -- >> u.s.a.! >> reporter: the fierce five were back in action. ? team u.s.a. is headed for the team final after dominating the qualifying round.
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was once again a pint-sized power house but gabby douglas, hoping to become the first woman in 50 years to repeat as olympic champion did not make the cut for the individual all-around. that was less of a shock than this. >> a stunner in rio! >> reporter: after 15 wins, venus and serena williams lost their first-ever olympic doubles match. rio's grueling cycling course proved too much for a dutch rider who was in the lead until this >> oh! she's down. >> reporter: she fractured her spine and suffered a concussion. but later tweeted from the hospital that she was super dis appointed after the best race of my career. the first weekend of the game saw many olympic venues with large swaths of empty seats. some fans blame long security lines for missing their events. >> so i am going to go out on a limb and say you are americans. >> yes. >> reporter: we found some american tourists getting hazed
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less than patriotic compadres, think. >> tia: while it has not been all fun and games in rio, there have been security concerns. two australian rowing coaches were robbed at knife point near their hotel. police say someone shot at a media tent, as well. they believe the gunman was aiming at a blimp that carries security cameras. sam? >> samantha: all right. thanks so much, tia. ti i hope that your week and your monday has been off to a great start weather wise, we really couldn't ask for a better start to the workweek. lots of sunshine out there. here's our satellite and radar imagery and it has just been beautiful all day long. we do have a little more cloud cover down to the south. places like coshocton, over into carroll county and back to the west out toward mansfield. but to the north just nothing but sunshine. and very comfortable temperatures.
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yes, it feels like, you know, we are approaching the middle of august. but, it's not that oppressive sultry humidity we had to deal with for much of last week. it feels a lot better outside. but don't get used to it. it's going to get a lot hotter later this week. for today, though, i think we keep that low humidity for the rest of the day. about 83 at 2:00. 85 at 4:00. 83 at 6:00. and then dropping down to about 80 by 8:00. this is your planner over the next several so, i want to help you plan the night if you have anything going on this evening, 10:00, mid 70s. really nice stuff. a mix of sun and clouds until the sun sets. and then we will just have a few clouds around. upper 60s overnight and i don't expect any rain showers tonight, either. but tomorrow, that could change. this is your first-alert forecast and your first alert that tomorrow afternoon we could be tracking a few downpours for you. i think your morning commute tomorrow will be fine.
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for your tuesday. again, morning commute, i don't expect any issues and even that mid-day commute i think will be just fine. but by about 3:00 or 4:00, there may be some thunderstorms that develop and some of these could produce very heavy rain and gusty wind. not a huge severe weather threat or anything like that. but we may be looking at a few stronger thunderstorms. so, i want you to be ready for that tomorrow afternoon. again, i don't expect widespread severe weather, but some of those downpours on the evening commute, you know, t and this is going to be the trend pretty much every day this week. notice that almost every day is a first-alert weather day. and we issue those yellow alerts to let you know that inconvenient weather, not necessarily severe weather, just, you know, a few thunderstorms around each day. none of these days will be a washout, though. but we want you to be aware of the potential for passing thunderstorms. oh, yeah and, super hot, guys. 90s for like three days in a
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all right. thank, sam. well, if you are looking to sell or trade in your car, the color can make or break how much you get back. >> tia: tomorrow morning we will show you which car colors get you the big buccs and which put you out of luck starting on cleveland 19 news at 4:30. >> laura: and the cuyahoga county fair starts today. call 1-866-464-woio to win four tickets. that's 866-464-9646. and you guessed it, the 19th
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i got shot down over vietnam
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a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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>> laura: we all sit in traffic every single day. literally or me, i have been keeping a little bit of a secret. i think it's time to come clean here. it's been a long secret to keep and you know me. it's hard for me to stay hush for long. but maybe you've already started to catch on. use the alternate less congestion. >> can't seem to catch my breath during morning traffic hits. or maybe you even caught me in the grocery store with nothing but pickles and ice cream in my cart. well -- you guessed it. my husband and i are expecting our first baby. our little bailey won't be the
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in january, she's promoted to big sister and guard dog duty officially begins and we can't wait to welcome our lore long-legged big-footed heart beating just a mile a minute little sprout home this january. >> samantha: you hid this from us laura! congratulations. >> laura: surprise. it was a tough secret to keep. thank you so much. >> i'm wearing something different from earlier. >> you changed. >> yea >> laura: little accident. >> tia: i got to say laura, you really got us this time. >> laura: little bit of a surprise there. >> tia: well guess what. we have a challenge for you. let's see if you can do this in just a few months. this is elizabeth marberry in her last trimessiter. a dance coach from colorado dancing eight months into her pregnancy. she pirouettes and star jumps without missing a beat. >> laura: well, she said she did
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because watching a pregnant lad% attempt to dance is apparently pretty funny. she's supposed to be giving birth later on this month. i don't even know if i could do that not pregnant. >> tia: agreed. without losing my breath. you go girl. >> laura: i can't keep my breath now. you should hear me at the top of the stairs. i work out a lot but this takes your breath away. >> tia: they say having a baby takes a toll. >> laura: sharing these lungs, it's a bit of a bear. many times where brian duffy in the morning said are you losing your breath? he said it several times. he said someone would catch on eventually. >> samantha: we had no clue. >> laura: i tried to wear loose clothing. 17 weeks. >> tia: congratulations. and thank you so much for watching us. join the young and the restless up next. hi, i'm becky calino madigan with volunteers of america of
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>> we encourage your response to
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>> kevin: oh, my god. [ gasping ] >> mariah: oh, my god. are you okay? kevin! are you okay? wait. were you running? not from someone? like...physical activity running? >> kevin: i needed to clear my head, okay? >> mariah: and you had to get all sweaty to do that? >> kevin: crisod right? i was honest with natalie. i told her all i could handle was friends. >> mariah: wow. i bet she loved that. >> kevin: she passed. it's over. >> mariah: well, i can't say that i blame her. when a woman wants more -- >> kevin: oh, no, no, no, no, no. i'm the one who wants more. i want to get back with chloe. and i need you to help me make


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